Property Consulting by Email

Property Consulting is for clients who intend to purchase or rent places such as house, apartment, office, store, etc. The entire session is conducted by email. Setsu will do readings on the pictures of potential properties that you are interested in. The readings will be given on potential properties until you find the right one. There are no limitations on email exchanges.

Examples of readings on potential properties:

  • The energy conditions of the place
  • Chemistry with the owners
  • Possible problems that may arise
  • Potential neighbor issues
  • Background of the area
  • Wandering spirits
  • Influence by previous owners
Property Consulting by Email


This session is entirely conducted by email. 
There is no limitation on readings until your desired property is found. 

When you book both Property consulting and Space cleansing together $50 will be deducted from the total.


New York

I went to see about 40 properties and consulted top 6 (the ones we really liked) with Setsu before purchasing the current residence and it was truly a long journey. Thanks to Setsu, I gained my patient and strength to find THE ONE for us. Setsu always encouraged me to believe that "We will find the perfect one for us" and it was a huge help.

Through our property search, we've learned that there are properties with ghost (of course), house spirits, invisible problems and the difference in energy level (both property and area). There are so much what we cannot see but Setsu can see. That's why the property search is full of surprise for us.

We had a frightening experience when we visited one of the properties with ghost that didn't want anyone in the house. The light would go on and off without touching the switch and the rooms looked somewhat dark even though there were many windows. Also, it was interesting to know that the property has its own preference of what kind of resident they want to have (whether quiet, loud, young etc).

Buying a property is a huge decision and commitment in our life and I'm so grateful that I was able to consult with Setsu to make an important decision. Thanks to Setsu, we enjoy every minutes of our life in our new place now.