We receive many great feedback from our clients. This is the best way to show what ONENESS IN LOVE INC. is all about and what Setsu's sessions and events are like.

  • Private Session

    A.K., Osaka

    Thank you for a wonderful time the other day. I only have one word to express. It was great to meet with Setsu! I felt like she had given me advise in other lives as well. Setsu’s impression is simply so warm and big! I would love to see her again. I will look forward to another opportunity to see her.

    From the session, I learned about myself and my feelings that I wasn’t aware of. This is the very first time to experience a feeling like “Wow, was I really thinking like that!?” and “Ah, that’s why I like it.” I deeply appreciate all the message and advice and I’m so grateful. The biggest discovery of this session was “comfort”. Everything’s fine because I’m protected. That was the message.

    I brought a photo of my mother this time. Unlike myself, I tried to take picture with my mother before the session. As my mother had no idea that I was going to meet with Setsu, she was curious about my unusual behavior. After the session, I told my mother that I needed the photo to consult with Setsu and she was grateful to receive advice from Setsu. My mother has been practicing the advice she got from Setsu every day. She is looking forward to meet with Setsu as well. I believe the rest of my mother’s life will be brighter from this experience.

    It was truly amazing to meet with Setsu. Thank you so much. Also, I would like to express my gratitude to the staffs, Ayako and Nao. My happiness level has gone up thanks to all of you. I look forward to see you all next time.

  • Private Session

    M.K., Tokyo

    Thank you for another heartwarming session. Konomi says that Setsu is full of love. I had a Skype session last time but I felt that feeling first hand by meeting with Setsu in person this time. When Setsu gave me a hug, my frozen heart started melting. Setsu is a person who saves me from the darkness. I will do everything Setsu told me and wish the happiness of all the family. I look forward to see her again and I will keep working it till then.

  • Private Session

    Kyoro, Tokyo

    During the session with Setsu, I felt something magical as if I were in a dream. Setsu told me about my past life and I was amazed because it was the first time to hear something like that. Surprisingly, I can tell that I could visualize what she was telling me. I’m not certain if the past life is part of the reality or not but I accept it as a fact.

    When I talked about my current job, I was surprised to know that she had already knew my situation and the way I was thinking without saying a word. That’s why all the advice she gave me made perfect sense. I heard that may people felt light (body) after the session. However, all the contrary I felt heavy and exhausted and I didn’t feel like doing anything. The next day I recovered and was able to move and start thinking down to earth.

    I’m glad to have this extraordinary experience and I believe it’s all up to us whether we will take advantage of Setsu’s advice or not. I appreciate this opportunity very much.

  • Private Session

    Misa, Tokyo

    As soon as I took a seat, Setsu asked me about my job and I was amazed about the fact that she could see everything! I received lots of advice about my dog (that passed away), my father’s health, and my brother among others. What I was surprised the most was about my job. Also I got an advice to apply Castor Oil. It is not easy to make things happen but I would love to know if there is any alternative I can do easily. I would love to see Setsu again.

  • Private Session

    T.N., Tokyo

    Thank you for the opportunity. I’m extremely shy and I asked to turn off the video at my previous Skype session. So, I was very nervous until the moment but I was very much excited to meet with Setsu in person. After the session, I felt relieved surprisingly and I had a clear idea about what I was wondering all these years. Even after several days had gone by, I’m still having a great moment. I appreciate it very much. All the advice I received from Setsu are so heartwarming and very specific that I can apply in daily life immediately. I’d be very happy to take another session in Manhattan that I love. I want to thank all the staffs who attended with kindness before and after the session. All the best wishes to you all.

  • Private Session

    Y.S., Tokyo

    I was moved because I was able to communicate with him through Setsu. After all, I was healed. I could feel that Setsu was trying to give me message with her warm personality and love. It’s absolutely beyond expression how much I am saved from her power. I am filled with gratitude.

  • Private Session

    M.S., Tokyo

    The session was so much fun and inspiring. Since the session, many things started make sense. Setsu asked me if I was taking medication and if I could stop taking them. I didn’t understand what it meant at that moment but I was informed that I was overdosed by the medication I got prescribed from my doctor and finally understood yesterday. My blood test results showed that I was taking too much medication and I was moving from hypothyroidism to hyperthyroidism. When I took a session of Setsu, I think I was in a good shape. Everything made sense even more after one week from the session. Setsu told me to ask her anything and I asked just about everything I wanted. It was very fulfilling moment since I was able to get answers to all the questions I had by Setsu. It was wonderful meeting with her. Thank you so much!

  • Private Session

    Tami, Kanagawa

    I would explain Setsu as someone who can conduct an elegant Japanese language with a great manner. She doesn't only answer my questions but also makes me realize things that I haven’t even realized myself. I was surprised when Setsu started explaining about the moment my mother passed away with short breath but I was encouraged and relieved to know my late parents’ current situation. I pay great respect to Setsu who put her time and effort to be deeply involved in life of others every single day. I also learned what I can do with my job and the future of my family. There are many things that I also felt what was going to happen and I was able to reconfirm and gained confidence in my thought. Please keep encouraging people to gain confidence with your kindness. Thank you very much.

  • Private Session

    Takayuki, NY

    I originally went to see Setsu to solve problem of a friend of mine whom I accompanied. So, I didn’t prepare any questions to ask but expected to receive some good energy by talking with her. As we were talking about my current situation, Setsu pointed out my problem immediately. Since that moment, we had such a rich and intense conversation that wasn’t enough to end in one hour. I was able to receive the message about my future, my mission and was able to spend a wonderful time. I consider Setsu as “Another mother in New York” who has a great feeling of intimacy and warmhearted personality. I’m sure I will see her again. I look forward to the next time.

  • Skype Session

    Keiko, Mumbai

    I originally signed up for one hour but it was way too short and extended for another 30 min. Time flew during the session and it was so intense. I couldn’t help but crying when Setsu told me that my sister from previous life has been protecting me as a guardian angel in my current life. According to Setsu, my tears are a sign that I have memory from the previous life. It was truly mysterious. Also, Setsu pointed out so many things about my job and other issues very straight forward and I was able to see a new path of my life. I will definitely go back again and look forward to another opportunity to see Setsu. I’m deeply touched by the kindness of Setsu and very grateful for being able to meet with her. Thank you so much!!!