We receive many great feedback from our clients. This is the best way to show what ONENESS IN LOVE INC. is all about and what Setsu's sessions and events are like.

  • Skype Private Session

    Meg, Tokyo

    The session from the other day by Setsu lighten up my life with hope as I was depressed about my job and economical situation. It gave me a laugh when I learned that my late father and grandfather had communicated Setsu to ask her to transmit their message to me. I felt somewhat embarrassed but it reflects so much of their character who were born in Showa period. The session with Setsu was so moving as I was able to hear messages from loved ones, who had already passed away, very clearly and easy to understand.

    I’m impressed by her precise advice on my questions including what will happen on which date, which date to avoid because the other person’s response might not be favorable, etc. I’ve consulted with many different mediums/psychics in different countries but Setsu’s ability is extraordinary that I’ve never experienced before and gives me a wonderful surprise from her great power. I’m so glad that I met Setsu and I greatly appreciate the universe for giving me this opportunity. I would love to share my story and my feeling to friends who really understand the spiritual world.

  • Skype Private Session

    Sayaka, Shizuoka

    I always had problem communicating with others and felt that it was burden. However, I was relieved when Setsu told me that I don’t have to change myself and I can be myself. After the session, I saw myself not caring about what I used to feel stressful. Probably it was because I’ve changed my point of view and started thinking differently with more relaxed attitude. I feel blessed for being able to experience a change through the session. Thank you for your precious time.

  • Private Session

    Kumi, Tokyo

    I took Setsu’s session during my visit to New York. I don’t know where to start but I feel like I was meant to travel to New York to meet with Setsu. My sister was a trigger of this trip to New York. It was a first trip to foreign country with my sister. I didn't have any strong desire to visit New York but I wanted to visit there once in my life. Interestingly enough, when I started thinking of going to New York, I felt that I really wanted to take session strongly. As I was doing research, surprisingly I found a keyword “Setsu” and arrived to the website of “Oneness In Love”. So far, I’ve only taken session like this in Japan once or twice but I was hoping to meet with a person with the real talent who can see things and not like a random fortune teller.

    The encounter with Setsu was quite mysterious but when I saw her for the first time, I thought “Oh my god, I think I’m seeing the real one.” My sister never had interest in this type of session but when she saw Setsu, she totally fell in love with Setsu. I believe everyone who meet with Setsu would have the same kind of feelings. I talked with my sister that Setsu is so warm, tender, and sweet yet strong and she’s like a mother of forest. (Sorry for my comment!) I originally planned for one-hour session but it went so fast!!! It was like a flash moment. We ended up extending another half-hour. Through the session, I got such a relieved feeling. I was crying from the start to the end without any intention but it was like a purification of my soul. I think it was a happy cry.

    I was probably loved by the invisible presence or power all the time but I was taking it for granted. I forgot about the most important things in my life. I didn’t take care of myself well enough and tried to repress my feelings. I felt like Setsu was embracing the entire “me” (just about everything about me) with her big hug with open arms. I thought all the messages and words that I used to receive unconciously were my ego and would ignored them because I couldn’t believe in them until now. Setsu reaffirmed all the important messages for me. I’ve studied through books on how to be better with inner self but I couldn’t make it happen before. However, I’ve been practicing the advice that Setsu gave me easily. Setsu has always been in me since I met her. Her presence is huge and warm. I love Setsu. Thank you so much. I look forward to see you in the future.

  • Skype Private Session

    T.S. Conneticut

    I love Setsu for giving me the message from the universe very sincerely and honestly without forcing the natural growth pace of a person. She gives me the message with love and patience so I can keep growing with my own strength. When I’m in the moment of decision making, Setsu not only guides me which way to choose but also she makes me realize what my heart really want and gives me courage to move forward. Through the session, I learned so much about myself that I didn’t know and realized so many important things. That is because she doesn’t judge people and she does everything with love. When Setsu is telling me the message from the universe, she is serious but she is also very lovely and charming. Meeting with Setsu is part of fun for me beyond session.

  • Skype Private Session

    Yoshi, Yamaguchi

    After the session, I felt so much lighter and calm because I was quite tense. Skype session allows me to connect with Setsu instantly and it makes me feel happy and secure. I look forward to the next opportunity.

  • Private Session and Eenergy Cleansing

    Masako, Tokyo

    I don’t remember the details of what happened during the session (sorry about that) but I felt so calm because of the way Setsu talked with warm karma. I really liked the energy cleansing. At that moment, I wasn’t even able to speak and didn’t realize the effect. Very soon after my return, I realized the change in myself. I usually just pass out when I come home after work but the center of my body felt so clear from my head to toe. It was the first time that I felt my head was so clear and it’s still like that. It was completely new sensation to me and I was convinced that it was thanks to the session with Setsu. Of course, it was great to be able to consult with Setsu about my work, partnership, and house for my future but I believe this clear mind is something important I got.

    This time I went to New York and Sedona by different coincidence. I traveled by myself and lots of unexpected events happened. My health condition wasn’t great but I earned power that I cannot express with words. I still feel loneliness, anger, and frustration but it’s definitely better than before. I really want to be able to open up my heart and enjoy from the bottom of my heart which I haven’t been able to do for a long time. I would love to have an opportunity to visit Setsu in New York and I’m happy to know that I can always connect with her through Skype. I will look forward to the next one.

  • Skype Private Session

    Kaori, Mexico

    It was so easy to talk with Setsu from the beginning. I didn’t plan to cry but the tears came out naturally. Setsu was very sincere and so considerable about my problem. I’m so grateful to receive such a perfect advice that led to my final decision. I would love to have another chance to have a session again. Thank you.

  • Private Session


    Everyone has its own burdens and we sometimes wonder what to do with them. We live everyday wondering where to leave them or if it makes us feel better. Maybe those moments come often, sometimes or once in a while. For me, it is Setsu’s place where I can leave those burdens with no hesitation. I imagine that she would be able to “see and feel” them without telling her and she would tell me “That was a huge one. I understand.” Setsu always listens to me one by one and I can be the protagonist of the conversation. I always feel lighter after the session because Setsu had taken over all the weight. Setsu, thank you so much.

  • Private Session

    Jun, New York

    I’ve been taking session several times but there is always a same feeling. Every time I see Setsu, I receive the message that I need in that very moment and I can go home with a clear mind and heart. Setsu’s words and smile goes into my heart directly and It makes my heart feel so warm. That feeling makes me want to go see Setsu again and again. At first, I went to see Setsu because I was concerning about my love life and work. But recently I consider the session as a life checkup just like an annual health checkup. I enjoy the session so much and it always brings me a pleasant feeling.

  • Private Session

    Yuki, New Jersey

    It was the first time for me to meet with Setsu and I was surprised that the first thing we talked about was Sedona. I visited Sedona a couple of years ago and since then it has been one of my favorite place. I would love to participate Setsu’s Sedona Tour next time! The session was very calm from the beginning to the end. I felt something very warm through my body. Surprisingly, I had tears running on my cheek at the least expected moment. It was such a mysterious experience. I asked for a reading mainly about my job and children. I will look for what will happen in the future and I will try to face reality and make every day meaningful.