We receive many great feedback from our clients. This is the best way to show what ONENESS IN LOVE INC. is all about and what Setsu's sessions and events are like.

  • Skype Session

    H.N., Japan

    Thank you very much for the session. I was able to hear a wonderful story. Setsu’s advice was much more precise than I expected and they’re very important to me. Everything made sense to me and I started practicing since then. At the beginning I was a little nervous but Setsu’s beautiful personality opened up my heart. The session was wonderful. Thank you so much.

  • Skype Session

    R, USA

    Thank you for the session. I feel a little lighter. I will take the advice about my children. The message from my late father was very meaningful. It was a brief message but it made all sense. I always try to rush to reach conclusion but I learned that I should take more time and be more patient with my kids. I feel bad for not able to do that before. I will come back for another session. Thank you so much.

  • Skype Session

    Yui, Japan

    When I first met Setus, I felt so close to her as if we were old friends. It’s probably why I was able to relax during the session. Because Setsu is very compassionate, I could feel very secure even if it was the first time. I would love to recommend to my friends and I would love to go back for another reading session.

  • Skype Session

    T.N., Japan

    I feel rescued. Before the session, I was lost with my life. I am so blessed but I wasn’t happy with my life and I wasn’t sure if I should keep going like this. Through the session, I learned what to change and what not to change in my life and stared looking positively about my life. Is it Setsu’s personality that affected me? I started feeling less insecure during the session in a warm and tender way. I’m so grateful for the encounter with Setsu. Thank you very much.

  • Energy Session

    Michi, Japan

    Setsu’s message went into my body so smoothly and it was such a mysterious feeling. I learned from the session that I didn’t prioritize myself and was forcing myself unconsciously. Setsu gave me messages that are very easy to understand with precision. Also, she gave me the advice from different aspect. It was full of emotion and surprise.

    NY and Japan is far in distance but I was able to feel the presence of Setsu very close. I’ve never met her before but I had an impression as if I were surrounded by her warm heart… Thanks to the energy cleansing and healing, I was able to take Yoga class after three months of absence. How amazing it is to be able to move my body! I feel less fatigue little by little. Is Setsu performing a healing to me even after the energy cleansing?

    I’ll have a conversation with my body and listen to my heart. I appreciate very much the encounter with Setsu. Thank you so much.

  • Private Session


    Since the day of session, I started feeling something different inside of me. In the past, I was trying to put a lid on my feelings. I was only focusing on making my current situation better and think of what I have to do to achieve it. I realized something through the session, and it made me open my eyes. However, it is too hard for me to let him go so he will get a chance to learn. I plan to fight so we will have an equal relationship with lots of respect as a human being instead of having a master-subordinate relationship. I will not fight to separate. I will fight to be happy. If it doesn’t work and end up separate, that is what it was supposed to be. I’m covered with ashes but I decided to take them off and polish myself so I can start shining. For the time being, I don’t care about other people’s feeling and I don’t want to be affected by anyone. I will use my time and I will only think of myself like an egoist. In any case, the situation will not change between today and tomorrow. I will focus on myself.

  • Private Session

    Sena, Seattle

    Thank you for taking time for me. This is the first time to experience this type of session. My heart was purified by meeting with Setsu. As Setsu listened to my stories, I started feeling so light including my body and spirit. Now, I feel that everything is going towards a bright side. Since the day of session, so many good things have happened to me. Surprisingly, I feel so calm. Thank you so much. I would be very happy to hear from you when you’re coming to Seattle next time.

  • Private Session

    Jun, JP

    Thanks to the healing session, I was able to finish my work in Seattle and San Francisco with no problem and returned back home safe. Usually I have a bad headache and eyestrain during a business trip but I didn’t suffer from these symptoms this time. One of the message I got was “Prayer will lead a path for your future” and it was significantly remarkable. I had a book that I left in the middle and never finished last year but I felt a strong desire to read it after the session. As I was reading the book, it said “The god does exist and your wish can be heard through prayers”. The message was so precise and made me reconfirm that I was guided.

  • Private Session

    Vive la vie, Maryland

    I took Setsu’s reading session for the first time. I was very nervous before the session but once we started, I was able to relax and even said some jokes thanks to Setsu’s friendly and sweet smile. As I learned about my soul and my previous life, there were so many things that made sense. I laughed so much when Setsu told me about my late cats’ conversation in heaven. I still can laugh out loud. I’m so grateful for getting to know Setsu and Nao. One day, I want to see Setsu again in either New York or Sedona. See you again.

  • Private Session


    I was able to become myself after taking this session. My heart was relieved after the session. Right before making a reservation for Setsu’s session, my grandmother passed away. I was filled with regret, sadness and frustration as I wasn’t able to attend funeral and to see her before she died due to my visa situation. I was able to hear my grandmother’s voice through Setsu and I received many encouraging messages from my ancestors. I was surprised because Setsu was telling me my grandmother’s words just like the way she used to talk. Now, I can move forward. Thank you.