We receive many great feedback from our clients. This is the best way to show what ONENESS IN LOVE INC. is all about and what Setsu's sessions and events are like.

  • Private Session

    Kon, New Jersey

    This is the first time I take session of Setsu. I was a little nervous when I entered the room but I felt relaxed immediately when Setsu gave me a welcome hug. I’ve prepared some question for Setsu but I was able to ask her what I wanted to know very naturally. I’m not very talkative person but I found myself explaining my situation to Setsu thoroughly. Setsu was always paying attention to my story very calmly, received the message and gave me very precise response. I was surprised every time she tells me about my job, relationships, family and life because she knew just about everything. My late mother has been always my concern in my life. Setsu communicated with my late mother in heaven and transmitted her voice. I’ve been blaming myself for long time but I was able to wash out all the negative feelings from this experience.

    I normally don’t have any doubt and I thought I was having a fun life but I discovered so many things through Setsu’s advice in just one hour. I also received so much positive energy. For me, it was a great timing that I was able to see Setsu at this point of my life. Thanks to Setsu, I was able to feel that my life is not so bad and I should keep moving forward for my dream with confidence. Setsu, Nao, thanks so much.

  • Private Session

    A.T., Los Angeles

    I’ve met several readers but what’s significant about Setsu’s session is that her advice is so realistic and perfect for daily practice. She is also wonderful at explaining and I was able to understand her message very easily. This time, I went to consult about moving to a different state and my relationship. When I asked about my future, Setsu mentioned that “considering current situation”, she sees me living happily after I move as well. I felt relieved because if I were to move far away by myself, that would be a little sad. Regarding my relationship, she immediately saw the other person’s character and characteristic through the picture and she told me why I have the current relationship with this person. Thank you for the reading that was full of love. The concert I had become so clear and felt better. I had an opportunity to accompany my friend’s house cleansing and it was extraordinary. In her house there was a beautiful object that looked scary. But once Setsu cleansed the place, the object became purely beautiful piece of art. The change was so significant and I was able to see it. I made a reservation for a cleansing session for me as well.

  • Private Session

    Michiyo, Switzerland

    I want to thank Setsu for giving me a private session. Since I came back from Japan, I’ve been having an unnatural phenomenon for two weeks at home. Radio and lamp would go on and off without touching. From the night we had reading, the phenomenon stopped and we were all able to sleep peacefully. If it were a couple of years ago, I would thank Setsu and would have been satisfied just because the spirits went away. But it was different this time. Setsu explained to me how the soul was living and how he died. I understood that each soul needs his time to go into the light with dignity and kindness.

    I simply wished a weird ghost to be gone. But when Setsu started praying, I started felling a connection with the ghost and I was filled with happiness for this mysterious encounter. My chest felt so warm. This is the first time that I felt so happy from purification and it changed my mind. I was deeply moved by Setsu’s sincerity and affection toward spirits and I felt it with my heart and not with my brain. I appreciate the souls that gave me the opportunity to encounter with Setsu. Thank you so much. I look forward to see you again.