We receive many great feedback from our clients. This is the best way to show what ONENESS IN LOVE INC. is all about and what Setsu's sessions and events are like.

  • Past Life Regression Workshop in San Francisco

    C.P., San Francisco

    Thank you so much Setsu, Keizo and Nao for the amazing workshop today! I felt it helped me strengthen my intuitive ability to discover and clear past life patterns and I look forward to a private session. I truly felt honored and in a space of love. Blessings!

  • Past Life Regression Workshop in New York

    L.H., New York

    It was very interesting to find out what my past life was. I also thought my other family members' past lives were, was interesting. All in all, it was a great experience.

  • Past Life Regression Workshop in New York

    T.H., New York

    My experience at the past life session was great. At first I was skeptical about the entire thing, but as I followed Keizo's instructions, I saw things very well. All that was done there was very interesting and amazing. In my past life, I saw things pretty clearly, but I did not really know what was real life and what wasn't. I saw that I was inside of a castle, with nobody in sight. I didn't understand what my vision was, but when Setsu explained it, I had an easier time understanding it. She said that I had been a dwarf that had been teaching the children of the royalty. I couldn't see anyone because apparently they were too short. It was a good experience, and gave me an idea of a possible past life that I may have had. What Setsu and Keizo can do is one of a kind, and it can definitely change the world if more people knew about it.

  • Past Life Regression Workshop in New York

    C.H, New York

    I liked it in a weird way. Since I was able to gather information on my past-life. Something you usually don't meet. (Something you usually aren't able to do.) The fact that Setsu was able to explain every single vision, with everything flowing in the way she needed it to, amazed me and got me in a "Wondering" mood. I was also amazed when Keizo got our minds in to the past-life. (Which was living in an island for me. a small island with good friends and a puppy. (My guardian)) So overall, I had a good time.

  • Past Life Regression Workshop in New York

    J.D., New York

    Setsu and Keizo helped me to unlock something in myself that opened up my eyes to great things. It was such a blessing being there. When Setsu was able to tell me something that I needed to hear, something that I thought I already knew, it changed my entire life. Literally, she looked at me and spoke a few words and it's like my whole world shifted and suddenly I understood why so much things happened in my life, literally in that instant. It was amazing. Setsu is such a gift in my life. I treasure her.