“This is what I am talking about!!!!!!”


With being so impressed, I said so very excitedly at the end of this movie.


SOUL Poster


Hello everyone 👋

This is Setsu.

Today, I’d like to talk about the movie I just watched yesterday and got soooooooo happy to see this! It made me so excited and wanted to share with you so bad. Because, yes, once again, this is what I am talking about!!


The title is ‘SOUL’, produced by Pixar Animations Studios, released by Walt Disney Pictures.

Director is Mr. Pete Docter. Written by Mr. Pete Docter, Mr. Mike Jones, and Mr. Kemp Powers.

Voice casts are Mr. Jamie Foxx, Ms. Tina Fey, Ms. Angela Bassett, Mr. Daveed Diggs, etc.

It was released on Dec 25, 2020. Christmas! 🌟You can watch it at Disney+.

(This film received higly positive reviews from critics with praise for its animation, story, voice acting, and music.

Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 96%, 93%Google Users liked this movie. - by Google) (Wow great!) 


SOUL traler 1



Honestly, I was amazed that the American movie production company really made this kind of theme movie happen and released. Also, this movie was the first Pixar film that featured an African-American protagonist.


There were scenes of Harlem, Union Sq., Subway stations, music, gentlemen’s social life- communication in barbershop, there were full of NYC scenes with exciting & vital energy, which is regular days for us, New Yorkers.

If you are a fan of Jazz, you will enjoy this movie more! I did!






I was touched especially the scene that the main character Joe (secret story here) sat down in front of the door of the building and suddenly felt 'the moment', as a soul being on Earth, with falling leaves in the season of autumn, various sounds in the city, people, laughs, etc, which is 'beauty of life'.



That was the most favorite scene for me.

I became tearful.

It was beauuuuuutiful💖




I am not going to mess up your experience to tell you the whole story of course.


Let me tell you, however,


that moment, that feeling, that realization, that thankfulness is the LIFE.



This is what our soul was searching for and missing.


This is one of the reasons why we were born again, here, on Earth.


This is about reincarnation.


This is about our purpose.



Why we are here on Earth?

Why we were born?

What our life is?

Why I am me!?

Why you are you!?



Life is beautiful.



That’s what it is.




That’s why,  ENJOY.


Enjoy your life.

Enjoy your moments.

Enjoy each miracle in this moment.

Don’t miss each small but great beauty.


Nature, Sound, People, Sky, Sun, Stars, Moon, Water, Smile, Laugh, Warmth of human’s temperature, Lovely connection with animals, Foods, Smell, Music, Tears, Love, etc etc etc.





You are living in this moment.

Surrounded by amazing.


How precious is that!?




And here was a surprise miracle after this movie.

My husband took one Fortune cookie randomly soon after finishing this movie, then he showed me with being excited at the word inside the fortune cookie he picked: I was surprised too!



“The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose.”




This is a perfectly miracle



Life Is Amazing!!



With Love and appreciation,




p.s. It was our staff and my friend Nao’s Birthday! And she was given an amazing birthday gift from Universe, which was a miracle and very perfect timing in a perfect way.

That was soooo exciting for both of us!!


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